The Civil Constitution

Civil is founded on the principle that a free and open press is an essential element of the foundation of a free, fair, and just society; and in the belief that global change in technology, economics, and politics have altered the basic conditions that provide for its fulfillment of that purpose.

Civil’s platform is intended to be operated and governed by its participants—citizens and journalists alike—while protecting Civil’s core values and purpose. Civil is a community with a specific purpose and an ethical position—these establish the side-constraints on the operational and governing power of the community over individuals and groups within it. Therefore the Civil Journalism Ethics Guideline, a constitution that lays out Civil’s core values and purpose.

Specific interpretations of the core values and purpose will be the work of the community, operating according to a transparent governing framework. That framework will include provisions for the community to change this document as needed to better promote the core values and purpose of Civil.

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