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Civil is a Marketplace for Sustainable Journalism

Civil will launch in Spring 2018.

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Our Mission

Civil's mission is journalism: supporting it, distributing it and protecting its ideals.

The ad-driven revenue model that traditionally funded quality journalism has not translated to the digital economy. Journalism is a fundamental pillar of free, democratic societies, and newsrooms around the world are facing an existential threat like never before. We're committed to introducing a new funding model that enables journalists to focus on journalism, not satisfying clicks-over-quality mandates from third parties like advertisers and publishers.

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Our Vision

Civil is building a newsroom platform using blockchain technology and cryptoeconomics to create an open marketplace for journalists and citizens.

How Civil Works
Our Values

The Civil community will govern key decisions across the entire marketplace.

We’ve developed an ethics guideline that outlines basic journalistic standards to which all members of the Civil community must adhere.

The truth matters above all else.

Prioritize ethical journalism.

Invest in open, transparent communities.

Allow newsrooms to, govern themselves.

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Meet the Newsrooms

A diverse marketplace for local, international, investigative and policy journalism


We're trying to solve an ambitious challenge, and we can't do it alone. We've partnered with some of the best in the business to build out our platform and utility token model.

Civil has raised $5M in capital from and works closely with ConsenSys, the world's leading Ethereum venture studio. We've also established deep partnerships with media advisory, cryptoeconomic and legal firms to ensure that we're built for the long haul.

What others are saying
  • To push back against fake news, Civil gives newsmakers a platform to create ad-free, inalterable journalism that’s immune to outside interests… and supported by readers.
  • Civil promises to use [blockchain technology] to build decentralized marketplaces for readers and journalists to work together to fund coverage of topics that interest them, or for those in the public interest.
  • Civil is trying to take a quantum leap beyond [existing efforts to fix journalism]: It’s not just inventing its own platform for news and journalism, it’s also inventing its own currency.
  • Civil aims to come up with a new way to finance independent journalism without relying on advertising, a mission that looks more important by the day.
  • But now, from the ashes of one of those local news outlets—DNAinfo Chicago—a new non-profit neighborhood news website with the same mission has emerged. And it’s powered by blockchain technology.
  • A new ecosystem: Using blockchain to build a journalism marketplace.
  • Civil is [building] a future that will lead to a rise in impartial journalism, quite possibly in a way never seen before.

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